The African Shirt Company brings you authentic African made, African inspired shirts. Set up by Joan and Lindi. Joan is a fashion designer in London. Lindi is a conservationist in Kenya.


Our shirts are made in Kenya. To be more precise they are made in Kitege village, underneath Kasigau mountain, on the boundary of Tsavo west national park, 120 miles away from Kilimanjaro.

This is a very dry and dusty place. We have approximately 2 inches of rain in 1 year. There are 5 villages around Kasigau mountain, Kitege is 1 of them. There are 800 people living in Kitege, 400 goats, 30 cows and a few troops of monkeys! There are 2 lady tailors who live in Kitege by the names of Clara and Ruth, they have made this possible. Your shirt is made without electricity, without running water and we ironed it with a charcoal iron. Sorry if there is a bit of Kitege dust in it ;) 

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